Checks and Balances

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Want to find out about your bank's overdraft policies?
Read Pew's report Checks and Balances: 2014 Update to learn about such policies at the largest banks.

Interested in new rules for bank overdraft programs?
Ask the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to make your checking account safer.

Bank Overdraft Policies Matter

This interactive tool follows three typical people—Mike, Sarah, and Jen—as they go about their day. They are all responsible with money, but their budgets are a little tight. We will explore how, depending on where they bank, their experiences with overdraft fees can differ dramatically, and why it pays to know your institution's policies and practices. Click on a character to start.



No ATM and Point-of-Sale Overdraft vs. ATM and Point-of-Sale Overdraft



Chronological Transaction Ordering vs. High-to-low Transaction Reordering



Overdraft Threshold vs. No Overdraft Threshold

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