Federal Student Loan Repayment Basics

The Pew Charitable Trusts introduces a series of primers for returning student loan borrowers

After a more than three-year pause on repayment, the federal student loan system is back online. Today more than ever, it is crucial for borrowers to be well-informed about the changes ahead. The following articles highlight information borrowers need to know and offer guidance on navigating the resumption of payments and transitioning from default back into repayment—all of which will promote future student borrower success.


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Learn the Basics of Broadband from Our Limited Series

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How does broadband internet reach our homes, phones, and tablets? What kind of infrastructure connects us all together? What are the major barriers to broadband access for American communities?

What Is Antibiotic Resistance—and How Can We Fight It?

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Antibiotic-resistant bacteria, also known as “superbugs,” are a major threat to modern medicine. But how does resistance work, and what can we do to slow the spread? Read personal stories, expert accounts, and more for the answers to those questions in our four-week email series: Slowing Superbugs.