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Meet the Team

Nicole Bransome Senior Officer

Nicole Bransome works on Pew’s Protecting Antarctica’s Southern Ocean project, which focuses on conserving an area that encompasses 10% of the world’s ocean through the creation of a network of large-scale marine protected areas (MPAs) around Antarctica.

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Johnny Briggs Principal Officer

Johnny Briggs leads Pew Bertarelli Ocean Legacy Project’s international marine policy and science efforts and collaborates with governments around the world to improve marine conservation outcomes.

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Christophe Chevillon Senior Manager

Christophe Chevillon directs the Pew Bertarelli Ocean Legacy Project in New Caledonia. He has nearly three decades of experience in New Caledonia, mainly in the public sector.

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Emil Dediu Officer

Emil Dediu focuses on outreach to the European Union and its member states in support of creating a network of marine protections in Antarctica’s Southern Ocean. He also supports the Pew Bertarelli Ocean Legacy Project’s work in the Mediterranean region.

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Giuseppe Di Carlo Director

Giuseppe Di Carlo leads the Pew Bertarelli Ocean Legacy Project’s global efforts to advance effective marine protections. He has deep and wide-ranging scientific, academic, and hands-on marine management and conservation experience.

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Katie Gray Senior Associate

Katie Gray supports the Pew Bertarelli Ocean Legacy Project’s work in the Mediterranean region. Since joining Pew in 2014, Gray has successfully campaigned to protect the waters surrounding the U.K. Overseas Territories of the Pitcairn Islands, Ascension Island, and parts of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands. She also manages the activities of the project’s science advisory board, and she is a member of the Great British Oceans coalition. Before coming to Pew, Gray worked at Dow Jones as an assistant to the editors at The Wall Street Journal Europe and Financial News.

Bridget Hickey Associate Manager

Bridget Hickey manages project support to advance the Pew Bertarelli Ocean Legacy Project’s global efforts to conserve marine ecosystems, including establishing large marine protected areas, protecting biodiversity and key migratory species, and safeguarding traditional cultures linked to the sea. Before joining Pew, Hickey worked with organizations dedicated to marine habitat restoration, sustainable tourism, and donor stewardship. She holds a bachelor’s degree in marine science and biology from the University of Tampa.

Andrea Kavanagh Project Director

Andrea Kavanagh directs Pew’s efforts to protect Antarctica’s Southern Ocean, one of the world’s last great wilderness areas, including frigid waters with species found nowhere else and millions of penguins that depend on krill and other forage food.

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Nicholas Kirkham Senior Associate

Nicholas Kirkham works on Pew Bertarelli Ocean Legacy Project’s efforts to create a representative system of marine protected areas (MPAs) and improve fishing conservation measures in Antarctica’s Southern Ocean.

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Kayleigh Michaelides Principal Associate

Kayleigh Michaelides works on cross-cutting initiatives for Pew’s marine habitat protection portfolio, including coordinating with key stakeholder groups and local and Indigenous communities. In addition, Michaelides supports the Pew Bertarelli Ocean Legacy Project’s regional marine protection efforts in the Eastern Tropical Pacific and campaign efforts in New Zealand. Michaelides holds a bachelor’s degree in marine biology from Auburn University and a master’s in marine affairs and policy from the University of Miami.

Jérôme Petit Senior Manager

Jérôme Petit manages the Pew Bertarelli Ocean Legacy project’s work in the Mediterranean region and France. In doing so, he works with many local partners to develop and advance campaign strategies with the goal of helping to establish and improve a conservation network of effective marine protected areas in these regions.

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Jen Sawada Senior Manager

Jen Sawada provides strategic guidance and project management support for the Pew Bertarelli Ocean Legacy Project. In that capacity, she focuses on campaigns that work to promote a conservation network of marine protected areas, ecological corridors, and fisheries management in the Eastern Tropical Pacific and Pacific.

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Aline Schaffar Senior Officer

Aline Schaffar focuses on the Pew Bertarelli Ocean Legacy Project’s work in New Caledonia. She has been a consultant in marine biology, studying humpback whales, marine mammals, and turtles, and has published a wide range of scientific articles and reports. Schaffar holds a master’s degree in zoology from Massey University.

Samantha Suffety Senior Associate

Samantha Suffety supports the Pew Bertarelli Ocean Legacy Project’s work in the Eastern Tropical Pacific and Western Pacific and the project’s engagement at international conferences and events. Before joining Pew, Suffety worked at the U.N. Environment Programme’s North America office, where she planned and implemented regional outreach initiatives and global campaigns, managed institutional partnerships, and supported the establishment of a partnership and business engagement unit. She holds bachelor’s degrees in environmental ecology and environmental science and a master’s degree in community sustainability from Michigan State University.

Donatien Tanret Senior Officer

Donatien Tanret manages the Pew Bertarelli Ocean Legacy Project’s efforts in French Polynesia. He collaborates with local governments, elected officials, and the community to work toward protecting French Polynesian waters and creating rāhui, a reference to the traditional Polynesian practice of restricting access to an area or resource to conserve it.

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