Supporting the Greater Philadelphia Area


Meet the Team

Frazierita Klasen

Vice President

Frazierita Klasen is a vice president overseeing Pew’s work in Philadelphia, where the organization seeks to foster a vibrant civic life in its hometown. Klasen supervises a portfolio that encourages a thriving arts and culture community, including initiatives undertaken through the Pew Center for Arts and Heritage; supports the health and well-being of the region’s neediest people, through the Pew Fund for Health and Human Services; and strengthens Philadelphia’s appeal to residents and visitors alike through civic initiatives.

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Elinor Haider

Project Director

Elinor Haider directs Pew’s policy and research team in Philadelphia. In this role, she leads Pew’s efforts to help Philadelphia’s policymakers and influential stakeholders address important challenges facing the city and the region. Haider works to combine Pew’s evidence-based research and impartial analysis of key issues with convenings that offer participants the opportunity to learn best practices from experts and policymakers from around the country.

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Kristin Romens

Project Director

Kristin Romens directs the Pew Fund for Health and Human Services in Philadelphia, overseeing Pew’s grantmaking and support for Philadelphia-area nonprofits that serve some of the region’s most at-risk populations.

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Larry Eichel

Senior Adviser

Larry Eichel is a senior adviser to Pew’s Philadelphia research initiatives. The project seeks to provide timely, impartial research and analysis on key issues facing Philadelphia for the benefit of the city’s citizens and leaders.

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