Enduring Earth


Enduring Earth
Courtesy of Devin Dahlgreen

Enduring Earth is an ambitious collaboration that works with all stewards of the environment to accelerate and amplify conservation for a more sustainable, prosperous future for people and the planet. The initiative seeks to protect and conserve our ocean, lands, and freshwater and to secure long-term financing for conservation projects that will also help ensure economic diversification and prosperity in communities. Enduring Earth is a collaboration among The Nature Conservancy, The Pew Charitable Trusts, World Wildlife Fund, and ZOMALAB—the family office of philanthropists Ben and Lucy Ana Walton.

Central to Enduring Earth’s approach is a model known as project finance for permanence (PFP), which secures long-term investment in conservation initiatives by tying sustained funding to tangible, measurable goals encompassing both social and environmental benefits. Partners in Enduring Earth have already worked with six countries, conserving more than 120 million hectares using the PFP approach.

Globally, Enduring Earth works with a range of stakeholders and rights holders to collaboratively design PFPs, which are then locally led with national support. Each PFP includes sustainable funding and high levels of accountability to keep the projects on track for durable outcomes. Enduring Earth’s overarching goal is to stop and reverse nature’s decline and produce robust conservation outcomes at a global scale.

Please visit the Enduring Earth website for more information.