Obama's Policies Seen as Better than Bush's for Improving the Economy

Obama's Policies Seen as Better than Bush's for Improving the Economy

While most Americans disapprove of Barack Obama's handling of the economy, far more think his administration's policies – rather than those of the Bush administration – would do more to improve economic conditions over the next few years. As Congress gears up for debate over the  tax cuts passed when Bush was president, the public is divided, with roughly equal numbers in favor of keeping all of Bush's tax cuts, repealing only those for wealthy Americans, or scrapping them entirely.

In the latest Pew Research/National Journal Congressional Connection Poll, sponsored by SHRM, conducted July 22-25 among 1,004 adults, 46% say that following the policies of Obama administration would do more to help the economy improve in the next few years, while 29% say that following the Bush administration's policies would do more to help. Nearly one-in-five (17%) volunteer that neither administration's policies would help.

More than eight-in-ten Democrats (84%) say the Obama administration's policies would do more  to improve the economy; fewer Republicans (63%) say the same about the Bush administration's policies (84% vs. 63%). More independents see Obama's policies than Bush's policies helping (by 43% to 20%); a sizable minority (27%) of independents say neither administration's policies would help

While Obama's policies generally are viewed more positively than are Bush's, whites and older Americans are divided on this issue. About as many non-Hispanic whites say following the Bush administration's economic policies (38%) as Obama's policies (34%) would improve the economy in coming years; this also is the case among those 65 and older (38% Bush's policies, 40% Obama's policies).

Read the full report, Obama's Policies Seen as Better than Bush's for Improving the Economy on the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press' Web site.