North Platte Mobile Home Ordinance

Location North Platte Nebraska
Organization West Central District Health Department in conjunction with Advisory Council members from the North Platte community, with technical assistance from Human Impact Partners and funding assistance from the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services

The West Central District Health Department conducted a health impact assessment (HIA) on proposed changes to North Platte City ordinances that govern mobile home housing conditions. The proposed policy changes would consolidate into a single ordinance language that is currently spread among different sections and ordinances. Under the proposed policy changes, mobile homes brought into North Platte would be subject to existing requirements; this is not currently the case. Other changes include reducing the grace period to obtain a permit from six months to 30 days, requiring that all mobile homes meet housing standards that ensure structural integrity and safety of the mobile home, bear a HUD label, and pass inspection by an approved official or agency. These proposed changes would not be applied to mobile homes already in North Platte but any time a set down (an unhook and move) is required, the mobile home must comply with the ordinance within 30 days of placement on the lot.

The HIA found that the proposed policy changes would likely result in housing that is more physical stable, has fewer pests, and contains less moisture and standing water. Less exposure to these conditions would likely have positive health impacts, particularly on respiratory illnesses.

The HIA recommended that the City of North Platte approve and adopt the proposed policy changes. The HIA also recommended that the City track and periodically report on mobile home inspection results.

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  • Completion Date 2013
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  • Sector Housing
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