Priorities 2000: An Arizona View

Priorities 2000: An Arizona View

Arizona Gov. Jane Hull has called her legislature into special session to try to get funding for a new state hospital for the mentally ill. And Hull says she will continue to pursue the issue in the coming year.

More in the Arizona governor's agenda in year 2000, in her own words:

As Governor of Arizona, one of my top priorities is the Arizona State Hospital for the mentally ill. Mental health is an important issue that cannot be ignored. The Arizona Auditor General evaluated the facility and found that it had to be replaced. I am committed to assuring that our state honors its responsibility to take care of the residents at the hospital. A new facility must be built.

I have a two part plan to use Arizona's share of the Tobacco Settlement monies. Phase one includes using the up-front payments for the construction of the state hospital and a state laboratory. Phase two would distribute the settlement's annual payments to key areas. These are: behavioral health, children's health, elder health, additional coverage for the uninsured and disease prevention and research.

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