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Mid-Atlantic Ocean Conservation

The campaign sought ways to improve fisheries management through the establishment of enforceable limits based on sound science.

Campaign Milestones

MAFMC Establishes Annual Catch Limits
In August 2010, the MAFMC became the first council in the nation to commit to establishing annual catch limits and accountability measures in their managed fish stocks. Annual catch limits are designed to ensure that overfishing will not occur.

Rebuilding Plan for Summer Flounder
The summer flounder, an iconic Mid-Atlantic fish known on the water as fluke, is currently under a rebuilding plan to return the population to healthy levels after decades of overfishing. Fluke is 89 percent rebuilt, and scientists are optimistic that the fish will recover ahead of schedule. 

Rebuilding Plan for Bluefish
A nine-year rebuilding plan for bluefish ended in success. The species had reached an all-time low in the 1990s, but are now at healthy, sustainable levels