Thank you for your interest in the Health Impact Project. There are currently no open funding opportunities.

Please contact or 202-540-6012 with questions.

The Health Impact Project offers funding to communities and organizations seeking to promote the consideration of health in policy and decision-making. Eligibility varies based on the specific call for proposals (CFP). See below for information about previous CFPs.

Recent Funding Opportunities

Call for Partners: Sustainably Integrating Health Considerations into Systems and Policies (Closed Oct. 16)

Call for Proposals: Opportunities for Health Impact Assessment (Closed Sept. 22)

Other Opportunities

The Health Impact Project is looking for stories from mayoral offices or local agencies about their work to implement evidence-based policies that address the changing climate and its effects on public health, such as replacing a diesel bus fleet with electric vehicles to reduce air pollution and associated respiratory conditions. This effort seeks to identify barriers to effective policymaking and highlight promising strategies to protect the environment and improve health, particularly in small to medium-sized cities (pop. below 500,000). Read the “Call for Stories” for more information.

Funding Inquiries

Please contact or 202-540-6012 with questions.