Pew leads efforts to end overfishing, rebuild depleted U.S. ocean fish populations, and advance ecosystem-based fishery management.

Pew has been heavily involved in the management of ocean fish in the United States since 1993 and was a major force behind the 1996 and 2007 reauthorizations of the Magnuson-Stevens Act, the nation’s primary law governing ocean fish management.  Our federal fisheries policy work is the national component of the U.S. oceans program of The Pew Charitable Trusts.

Since 2007, the goal of this initiative has been to end overfishing in federal waters through administrative action to implement the Magnuson-Stevens Act and Congressional financial support for science-based fishery management. We have pursued this objective through a comprehensive strategy at the national and regional levels.  In recent years as it implemented the 2007 reforms, the United States has moved to the forefront of fisheries management in the world.

As Congress moves forward to update and reauthorize the Magnuson-Stevens Act, Pew will work to defend the law’s conservation provisions and advocate for amendments to meet the challenges of the 21st Century. We will build upon recent progress in the United States by promoting a transition from a single-species to a more integrated, ecosystem-based fisheries management approach. We will continue to collaborate with individuals and groups throughout the nation to support federal advocacy efforts.


  • Ted Morton, director, U.S. Oceans, Federal