The Pew Charitable Trusts works across Australia with Indigenous peoples, conservation and community groups, science research organisations, pastoralists, local businesses and industry representatives to secure protection for areas of high conservation value in the country’s Outback and surrounding oceans. We also pursue hands-on, sustainable management of land and seascapes in a manner that is compatible with the long-term conservation of the nation’s natural and cultural heritage.

Australia’s network of marine sanctuaries

Through the Save Our Marine Life alliance, comprising 25 state, national and international conservation organisations, Pew is working to protect Australia’s unique marine life and vulnerable ecosystems.


Working alongside partner organisations Bush Heritage Australia and the Queensland Trust for Nature, Pew works to promote the rich natural and cultural heritage of Outback Queensland. This includes highlighting the commitment of people working to conserve nature in the Outback, and advocating for increased investment in people and nature through the Our Living Outback alliance. 

The Kimberley, northern Western Australia

Working with the Like Nowhere Else alliance, we collaborate with Environs Kimberley, the Australian Marine Conservation Society, the Wilderness Society, WWF-Australia,  the Conservation Council of Western Australia, and the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society. Pew has also partnered with the Kimberley Land Council to assist with the development and establishment of Indigenous Protected Areas across the Kimberley.

The Northern Territory

Pew works alongside the Environment Centre of NT and the Australian Marine Conservation Society on conservation issues that exist within the Northern Territory, including the Gamba Grass Roots alliance, the Keep Top End Coasts Healthy alliance and the Territory Rivers campaign.

Outback Western Australia

Pew collaborates with pastoralists, Bush Heritage Australia, the Wildflower Society of Western Australia and the Conservation Council of Western Australia through the Partnership for the Outback.

Indigenous Rangers and Protected Areas

Pew is a founding partner to the Country Needs People alliance, which supports Traditional Owners and Indigenous organisations in their efforts to establish Indigenous Protected Areas and create training and employment opportunities for Indigenous Rangers on country.

Nationally, Pew continues to work with a range of partners to support increased and more secure funding for Indigenous Rangers and Indigenous Protected Areas across the country.


The Modern Outback

Nature, people and the future of remote Australia

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The Outback is the vast heartland of Australia. It includes places of exquisite beauty and wildness. It is an area of extremes, alternately lush and bountiful, harsh and inhospitable. The people and land of the Outback embody much that is most distinctive and characteristic of Australia. Yet while the Outback is quintessentially Australian, it is also a place of international consequence.