Part I: The State of Our Ocean With Callum Roberts

Episode 108

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Part I: The State of Our Ocean With Callum Roberts

Stat: 30%—More than 70 countries support the call to protect and conserve at least 30% of the global ocean by 2030.

Story: The ocean is central to all life, providing oxygen, nutrition, and recreation, and supporting economic livelihoods for coastal communities around the globe. But this essential resource is facing multiple threats, including climate change, overfishing and illegal fishing, and plastics pollution.

In this new series, “Ocean, People, Planet,” we focus on the connection between the health of the ocean and the health of the planet. We’ll examine the state of the ocean, the challenges it faces, and offer potential solutions based on data, science, and traditional ways of knowing. In this first episode, we speak with Callum Roberts, marine biologist and oceanographer, about our human history with these waters and how we might chart a better course for our collective future.

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Ocean, People, Planet
Ocean, People, Planet

Ocean, People, Planet

There is only one ocean, essential to the life of everyone on Earth—and it faces perils like never before

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The ocean covers nearly three-fourths of the Earth. Vast and powerful, it is central to the life of everyone on the planet, supplying more than half of the world’s oxygen, providing food, recreation, and supporting economic vitality. Yet for all its seeming invincibility, the ocean has never been more in danger. Its very chemistry is changing as ocean waters become more acidified through climate change. Its inhabitants—from large sharks to tiny crustaceans the size of a human finger—are under assault with XX percent of fish stocks overfished. And ocean levels continue to rise, challenging the barriers separating people from water.

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