2015 Gateway Corridor Project

Twin Cities, Minnesota
Washington County Department of Public Health and Environment and Washington County Department of Public Works

The Washington County Departments of Public Works and Public Health and Environment, in collaboration with the Gateway Corridor Commission, will conduct an HIA to inform planning of station areas in six communities that lie directly along the proposed Gateway Corridor project. The corridor is a planned bus-rapid transit project between urban and suburban communities in the Twin Cities metropolitan region and will act as a connector to corporate campuses, educational and commercial centers, and recreational destinations. The HIA will examine how the transitway will change access to affordable housing and jobs and to cultural, educational, and recreational facilities. Increased access to these neighborhood components is linked to reduced rates of obesity, cardiovascular disease, and poor mental health. The HIA will be done concurrently with a Draft Environmental Impact Statement being conducted by the Gateway Corridor Commission. (This project is supported by funding from the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota Foundation)

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