Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing
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This City Might Give Homeless People the Right to Camp Anywhere

April 29, 2019

The Denver initiative is the latest front in a campaign advocates for homeless people have been waging at the state level for years.

Where ‘Returning Citizens’ Find Housing After Prison

April 23, 2019

Most people released from a New York City prison move straight into a shelter.

This ‘Innovative’ Housing Program Serves Just 3 Households

April 17, 2019

City leaders nationwide have been calling Denver to learn about the Lower Income Voucher Equity program — “LIVE Denver,” for short — since Democratic Mayor Michael Hancock announced the first-of-its-kind partnership in 2017.

‘A Pileup of Inequities’: Why People of Color Are Hit Hardest by Homelessness

March 29, 2019

Outside the shelter one recent morning, James Jeffery, a grizzled 69-year-old who’s been homeless off and on for a decade, stands, philosophizing. He moved to the city a few months ago, and he’s been bothered by something ever since. “Why are all these shelters in D.C. black more than anything?” .

Rural America Faces a Housing Cost Crunch 

March 25, 2019 

The problem of housing affordability, long a concern in popular big cities, has moved to rural America.

Rent Control Is Making a Comeback. But Is That a Good Idea? 

November 28, 2018 

Many states outlawed rent limits decades ago but booming cities want to overturn that.

Ballots for Buildings: Voters Weigh Affordable Housing Measures 

November 6, 2018

More people are competing for an increasingly limited share of rental housing.

In Shift, States Step in on Affordable Housing 

October 15, 2018 

States are beginning to intervene in zoning rules, once a purely local matter.

This City Wants to Reverse Segregation by Reviving Neighborhoods

October 3, 2018 

Should cities invest in neighborhoods with the greatest need, or those likely to prosper?

Getting a Section 8 Voucher Is Hard. Finding a Landlord Willing to Accept It Is Harder.

August 31, 2018

Section 8 tenants often are trapped by limited options.

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