Report Voting Problems on Election Day

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Report Voting Problems on Election Day
Stateline Nov5
Voters fill out their ballots during early voting in Ohio.
John Minchillo/The Associated Press

Stateline is partnering with ProPublica’s Electionland to monitor voting access and election administration issues in the states.

Voters can use their cellphones and apps to report problems ranging from long lines to difficulties with voter ID or same-day registration, to voter roll confusion, to access for people with disabilities, all issues on which Stateline has reported this year.

Electionland is a collaboration of newsrooms from across the country working to find and understand complications with election administration. Voters’ experiences will help Stateline further our reporting to explain any problems.

You can sign up to report your experiences in one of three ways:

  • SMS: Send the word VOTE, or VOTA (for Spanish), to 81380 (standard text message rates apply).
  • WhatsApp: Send the word VOTE, or VOTA (for Spanish), to 1-850-909-8683.
  • Facebook Messenger: Go to


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