What We're Reading: Top State Stories 5/9

Top State Stories 5/9

MA: Massachusetts bill could help prevent gun deaths

Most gun deaths are suicides. A bill making its way through the Massachusetts Legislature would give families a better chance to save the lives of their loved ones by creating a legal avenue for families and law enforcement to take guns out of the hands of people who a court deems dangerous to others or — more often — themselves.

CA: California’s marijuana tax cut could be in jeopardy

Money collected through California’s marijuana taxes may fall short of the $175 million budgeted for the first six months of this year. The less-than-expected haul could force the Legislature to shelve a bill that would reduce the excise tax on pot from 15 to 11 percent, state officials warned.

NE: Nebraska tribes suing drug companies over opioids

All four Nebraska Indian Nations now have sued drug manufacturers and distributors of opioid painkillers, seeking repayment as sovereign governments for financial losses in connection with the national epidemic.

NC: North Carolina lawmakers wonder what to do with surplus

When North Carolina lawmakers begin their new legislative session next week, they will have an opportunity to decide what to do with an extra $600 million in state revenue.

LA: Despite opioid crisis, Louisiana may cut treatment options

Louisiana is in the middle of an opioid crisis, but a pervasive state budget shortfall may lead the state to eliminate some drug and alcohol treatment options for people with Medicaid after July 1.

OH: Ohioans approve new process to draw congressional districts

Ohioans overwhelmingly voted to revamp the process for drawing congressional districts, holding the promise that the next map will feature less gerrymandering by politicians and more fairness for voters.

DC: U.S. judge: D.C. officials must explain inmate release errors

A federal judge is demanding District of Columbia officials appear in court to explain a spate of unauthorized early releases of inmates also facing federal charges.

IA: Pipeline sabotage bill sent to Iowa governor

Criminal sabotage of Iowa pipelines, telecommunications facilities, water treatment plants and other critical infrastructure could result in long prison sentences and large fines under a measure the Senate sent to Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds.

ME: Maine ACLU joins lawsuit seeking federal immigration records

ACLU affiliates in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont say they are concerned about civil liberties violations as part of increased immigration enforcement under the Trump administration.

MN: Minnesota’s day care providers are quitting in droves

The Minnesota Senate passed several bills loosening regulations for day care providers amid concerns the rules are driving them out of business and worsening a shortage that’s most acute in rural areas. 

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