What We're Reading: Top State Stories 4/20

Top State Stories 4/20

CA: With one tweet, Trump appears to scrap funding for California governor’s National Guard deployment

President Donald Trump said he would refuse to pay for Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown’s plan to send 400 California National Guard troops to the border to combat transnational crime and drug smuggling, calling it a “charade.” The president tweeted the remark just hours after his administration said otherwise.

TX: State appeals court rules Texas' "revenge porn" law violates the First Amendment

An appeals court has struck down Texas’ “revenge porn” law, ruling that the statute is overly broad and violates the First Amendment. The law targets “a very disturbing internet trend” of posting a previous partner's nude photos to the web without permission, often with identifying information attached.

ND: North Dakota fights part of voter ID ruling amid appeal

North Dakota is fighting part of a federal judge's ruling that loosened the state's voter identification law. Early this month, a U.S. district judge issued an order preventing the state from requiring that IDs include a current residential street address, which Native American communities often lack.

CO: Bill to streamline Colorado immigrant driver’s license program heads for governor’s desk

An effort to streamline Colorado’s immigrant driver’s license program for people living in the country illegally, which has faced years of problems and a persistent application backlog, is a step away from the governor’s desk.

DE: Delaware governor to lawmakers: Stop stalling on gun control

It appears that Democratic Gov. John Carney is getting impatient on gun control. He called on Delaware lawmakers to hold an up-or-down vote on a slew of gun-control bills awaiting action, although it is increasingly uncertain whether Democrats will be able to pass them.

MA: Massachusetts prisons can use dogs to search visitors for contraband, high court rules

The 5-0 ruling from the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court was a blow to civil libertarians and inmate advocates, who have argued in court papers that the practice violates visitors’ privacy rights and could dissuade inmates’ loved ones from coming to see them.

NH: New Hampshire House kills bill to protect drunken drivers

The New Hampshire bill would have specified that sleeping in a parked car would not be considered driving or attempting to drive under drunken-driving laws. Supporters argued the current law is overly broad and unfairly punishes people trying to do the right thing.

VA: GOP General Assembly can't override Virginia governor's veto of sanctuary cities bill

The GOP-controlled Virginia General Assembly didn’t have the numbers to overturn Gov. Ralph Northam's 10 vetoes, including a bill that would’ve prohibited any locality in Virginia from becoming a “sanctuary city” for illegal immigration.

NC: North Carolina governor seeks $130 million for safer schools

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper, a Democrat, unveiled a $130 million school safety budget, offering a first glimpse at how the state might respond to the clamor for better protection in the wake of February's mass shooting at a Florida high school. Cooper last month recommended tighter restrictions on guns, such as background checks.

TN: Tennessee Senate passes governor’s two signature bills to address the opioid epidemic

The first of the bills passed by the Tennessee Senate limits the supply and dosage of opioid prescriptions for new patients, and the second creates incentives for incarcerated offenders to complete intensive substance use treatment programs.

AL: The poop train's reign of terror in small-town Alabama has ended

For upwards of two months, a train brimming with sewage sludge has been squatting uninvited near fields used for youth baseball, simmering in the afternoon sun. Finally, the containers of excrement aboard that train have been transported to their intended destination.

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