Marijuana in the States

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Western States Try to Tame Homegrown Marijuana

September 12, 2017

As the Trump administration signals closer scrutiny of marijuana in states that have legalized it, three Western states are trying to rein in far-flung home growers. 

Where Buying Marijuana is Legal, But There’s Nowhere to Smoke It

November 8, 2017

States face multiple legal issues as they try to create venues for lounges, tasting rooms and other semi-public venues for marijuana consumption.

In These States, Past Marijuana Crimes Can Go Away

November 20, 2017

Some states have made it possible for people to hide past convictions for possession, cultivation and manufacture of marijuana

Why It’s Getting Easier for Marijuana Companies to Open Bank Accounts

December 6, 2017

Banks and credit unions are becoming more comfortable serving marijuana businesses. But the progress could be wiped out by President Trump’s Justice Department.

Testing for Tainted Marijuana Challenges States

December 21, 2017

Anecdotes have emerged of vulnerable consumers, such as cancer patients, contracting dangerous infections after smoking bad weed. 

Trump Administration's Shift on Marijuana Could Imperil Banking Arrangements

January 5, 2018

By rolling back an Obama-era memo that shielded legal marijuana users, growers and distributors from federal prosecution, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions may compel many banks and credit unions to stop working with marijuana businesses

This Extract Is Driving a Hemp Gold Rush. But Is It Legal?

February 5, 2018

In a few months, Dani Fontaine Billings will plant 80 acres of hemp at her farm here, out behind a clapboard farmhouse with views of the Rocky Mountains. 

Pizza, Pad Thai and Pot: Home Delivery of Marijuana Is Legal in These States

April 3, 2018

It's been legal to buy small amounts of marijuana in Colorado for over four years. But consumers can’t order buds, edibles or the marijuana concentrate called “shatter” through the mail — that’s illegal under federal law. And they can’t have weed delivered to their doorstep, like a pizza or an order of pad thai.

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