What We're Reading: Top State Stories 10/9

Top State Stories 10/9

DC: ‘Good reason’ no longer needed to carry a concealed gun in D.C.

People who want to carry a gun on the streets of the nation’s capital no longer need to show a “good reason” to obtain a concealed-weapons permit after a court order took effect Friday morning.

AK: Alaska won’t interfere with tribal banishments, attorney general says

In villages around Alaska, tribal leaders frustrated by drug dealing and bootlegging have banished suspects using tribal laws and methods. Tribes sometimes want the state to enforce banishment orders, while some of those who have been banished say their basic civil rights were violated and that they weren't given proper notice or a chance to face accusers.

RI: Investigation shows Rhode Island's child services agency in treacherous waters

Rhode Island's primary child social services agency has lurched through decades of dysfunction. An investigation by the Providence Journal chronicles its problems and what's ahead for the agency.

HI: Hawaii counties urge Legislature to open meetings

Unhappiness with the recent special session to bail out a Honolulu rail project has prompted three county councils to advance resolutions urging the Hawaii Legislature to finally comply with the state’s Sunshine Law. The Legislature effectively exempted itself from the 1975 law from the start, and decisions on the most important issues are often made in private negotiations attended by just a handful of the most powerful lawmakers.

NV: Nevada has moose now and they’re dangerous

Nevada’s northern reaches appear to be home to a small but growing number of the gangly ungulates, according to the Nevada Department of Wildlife. Nevada moose sightings in recent years have included bulls, cows and calves, which suggests they’re establishing a population.

CO: Water under Colorado's Eastern Plains is running dry

Colorado farmers are facing a crisis thanks to over-pumping of groundwater in the High Plains Aquifer. The aquifer shrank twice as fast over the past six years compared with the previous 60.

NH: Amid CHIP uncertainty, New Hampshire likely to come out ahead

New Hampshire lawmakers had already budgeted to cover a lapse in federal funding for the Children's Health Insurance Program.

MA: Massachusetts farmers hope to keep marijuana business local

While many of the companies currently growing medical marijuana in Massachusetts are large corporations, some local farmers have been lobbying for laws and rules that would keep recreational marijuana growing accessible to local agriculture, such as a new law establishing marijuana craft cooperatives.

MI: Michigan lawmakers to clergy: No sex with church members seeking spiritual guidance

Michigan legislators have introduced bills in the state House and Senate that would make it a third-degree felony for clergy to have sexual contact with congregants who want their spiritual guidance.

WI: Wisconsin judge rules in favor of home bakers wanting to sell their product

A Wisconsin county judge found that home bakers can sell items for profit that don't require refrigeration. The Wisconsin Restaurant Association opposes the ruling, saying many of its members who bake and sell baked goods have invested in facilities to comply with safety measures and have undergone yearly inspections.

IL: Medical marijuana patients in Illinois report using fewer prescription drugs

Some medical marijuana patients in Illinois say the drug has allowed them to reduce or eliminate their use of other prescription medication, a new study reports. The study by DePaul and Rush universities was small, with 30 participants, and involved only those who volunteered to respond to the topic. But it's believed to be the first peer-reviewed, published research of medical marijuana patients in Illinois.

SD: South Dakota lawmaker and candidate wants more public access to records

A Democratic candidate for South Dakota governor  Friday said he'll push to expand public access to government records during the 2018 legislative session, giving the public access to correspondence, logs of appointments, working papers and telephone records between public officials or government employees.

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