What We're Reading: Top State Stories 8/8

Top State Stories 8/8

IL: Chicago sues federal government over ‘sanctuary city’ conditions

Chicago’s lawsuit asks a federal judge to block the Trump administration from enforcing three new conditions it recently placed on federal crime-fighting money: sharing immigration status information with federal officials enforcing deportation laws, providing unlimited police station access to those officials, and giving them 48-hours’ notice of an arrested person's release in cases of potential immigration violations.

NH: New Hampshire to send unsearchable voter data to Trump panel

New Hampshire will send millions of scanned, unsearchable images of voter data to President Donald Trump’s election fraud commission under an agreement reached Monday to resolve a lawsuit challenging the information’s release.

CO: Law requiring incarceration for Colorado felony DUI offenders goes into effect

A law requiring anyone convicted of a felony DUI offense in Colorado to spend some time behind bars — even if they are granted a probationary sentence — goes into effect Wednesday, closing a loophole that has allowed some to avoid being locked up while others receive lengthy prison stints.

CA: New California law gives air quality officials the power to quickly shut down polluters

Currently, California air regulators seeking orders to curtail operations that violate rules and threaten public health must go through an administrative hearing board. The process can take months, while the pollution continues unabated. The new law will give pollution control officers the power to issue immediate orders to stop polluting operations when violations pose an “imminent and substantial” danger.

DC: District wants to give every resident a bin for composting and offer curbside pickup

District officials estimate that with curbside pickup, about 148,000 tons of organic waste could be composted annually — about 60 percent of the food and yard waste generated in the city each year. As a bonus, it would create a nutrient-rich soil additive for growing food and plants.

NV: Anthem to leave Nevada health insurance exchange

In June, Anthem told Nevada officials it intended to pull out of 14 rural counties, leaving those counties without any options on the state health insurance exchange. The company has since decided to completely leave the state exchange.  

OR: Foster care rates skyrocketing amid drug addiction in southern Oregon

The number of children entering foster care has increased nearly 400 percent in five years in one especially hard-hit southern Oregon county. The opioid arrest rate has nearly doubled since 2010 in that part of the state.

WI: Immigration bills resurface in Wisconsin Legislature as opponents eye worker walkouts

After sparking a massive Capitol protest last year, legislation cracking down on so-called sanctuary cities is back — and its opponents say they may launch worker walkouts that could hurt dairy farms and other businesses in Wisconsin.

LA: Louisiana resumes controversial teacher review system

Teachers in Louisiana will once again be measured by their students’ performance on standardized tests. The evaluation system had been on hold for several years while Louisiana shifted to tougher academic standards.

OH: Opioid scourge forces Ohio lab to farm out some drug tests

Hit with a growing demand to test high potency illegal drugs, the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation will seek more money to farm out some testing. The agency estimates it will do more than 27,000 drug tests this year, nearly double the 13,879 it conducted in 2010.

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