Stateline Legislative Review 2017

Stateline legislative review
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Stateline’s annual Legislative Review looks at policy and politics in the states since legislatures began their work in January.

Day One: Reproductive Health

As Washington moved to reduce federal funding for women’s health, the battle over affordable birth control and other women’s health services shifted to state capitals.

Day Two: Marijuana Regulation

The Vermont Legislature came close to becoming the first to legalize recreational marijuana, while other states battled over regulations to implement voter-approved pot sales.

Day Three: Gas Tax

With roads and bridges falling into disrepair, seven states raised their gas taxes this year.

Day Four: Prisoner Re-entry

Hoping to make it easier for people leaving prison to re-enter society — and avoid going back — several states enacted laws aimed at helping ex-offenders to get work, pay off court debt, and access food stamps.

Day Five: Ballot Initiatives

After a big year for ballot initiatives in 2016, lawmakers fought back in 2017, modifying or scrapping voter-approved laws and passing new laws to make it harder to get issues on the ballot in the first place.

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