What We're Reading: Top State Stories 2/23

WY: Wyoming Legislature passes online sales tax bill

Lawmakers gave final approval to a bill that would require large retailers that don’t have a presence in the state — including online retailers — to collect sales tax on purchases that are delivered into Wyoming.

KS: Kansas Legislature fails to override veto of tax increases

The Kansas Senate came up three votes short in an attempt to override Republican Gov. Sam Brownback’s veto of a bill that would have reversed many of the income tax cuts he championed in 2012.

FL: Florida bill targets undocumented immigrant criminals

A second Senate committee approved a bill that would impose more prison time on undocumented immigrants who commit severe violent crimes in Florida.

IA: Iowa’s private Medicaid insurers to lose $450 million in first year

The three private insurers managing Iowa's $5 billion Medicaid program expect their one-year losses cumulatively to reach $450 million.

OR: Oregon expects $200 million in extra revenue

Oregon's economy is growing fast enough to generate nearly $200 million more in tax revenue. That means the state's $1.8 billion budget shortfall has shrunk to $1.6 billion.

MO: Missouri lawmakers vote to slash unemployment benefits

The Missouri House backed a bill that would shorten the benefits period for laid-off workers from 20 to 13 weeks if the unemployment rate is below 6 percent. The maximum would rise if the unemployment rate goes above 6 percent, topping out at 20 weeks if the jobless rate crests over 9 percent.

NH: New Hampshire governor signs bill scrapping concealed firearm permits

Any New Hampshire resident who legally owns a gun can now carry it in a concealed fashion without a permit from their local police chief, thanks to a bill signed by Republican Gov. Chris Sununu.

WI: Wisconsin lawmakers consider ‘right to try’ bill for terminally ill patients

The so-called right-to-try proposal would allow terminally ill patients in Wisconsin who have no other options to use experimental drugs and treatments that have not received full approval from the federal Food and Drug Administration.

SD: South Dakota lawmakers kill bill to allow alternative science theories in school

The bill would have allowed South Dakota public school teachers to address strengths and weaknesses of scientific theories like evolution and climate change.

UT: Utah House calls for more frequent school bus inspections

After school buses performed relatively poorly on random inspections, the Utah House voted to require more frequent checkups. It comes after representatives voted last week to eliminate all safety inspections on other non-commercial passenger vehicles.

GA: Georgia House passes bill that strips funding from ‘sanctuary campuses’

The Georgia House voted to cut off state funding to Georgia colleges that declare themselves “sanctuary campuses” in defiance of President Donald Trump’s immigration policy.

IN: Indiana abortion bill targets parents' rights in cases of pregnant minors

When a pregnant minor seeks an abortion in Indiana without her parents' consent, she has to go before a juvenile court judge who decides whether she is mature enough to make the decision. A Senate bill would give her parents the right to enter the courtroom and testify on whether she is competent to make the decision.

OH: Ohio driver's licenses, plates could cost more

Ohio drivers could pay an additional $5 a year to renew their license plates and a few dollars more when renewing driver's licenses under a new proposal to help counties pay for transportation projects.

‘Service-Delivery Insolvency’ is Changing Municipal Bankruptcy Supreme Court Decision Could Make It Easier for Disabled Students to Sue Schools