Best of Stateline 2016

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In Drug Epidemic, Resistance to Medication Costs Lives

Doctors and brain researchers agree that medications are the most effective anti-addiction weapons available. But only about a fifth of the people who would benefit from the medications are getting them.

Can Car-Centric Suburbs Adjust to Aging Baby Boomers?

The millions of boomers who will grow old in the suburbs will put pressure on local governments to spend more on everything from transportation to senior services.

Why the ‘Skills Gap’ Doesn’t Explain Slow Hiring

Some employers are struggling to find workers with the right education and training, but there are other reasons why so many U.S. jobs are going unfilled.

In Many Courtrooms, Bad Interpreters Can Mean Justice Denied

Despite federal law that requires competent courtroom interpretation for people with limited English skills, many criminal defendants and civil litigants still aren’t getting it in state and local courts.

As Pipelines Proliferate, So Do Protests

Environmentalists argue the sheer quantity of oil or gas being transported by pipelines and a lack of oversight have the potential to do more damage than trains or trucks.

Cul-De-Sac Culture Medication for Addicts
Philadelphia Museum of Art