What We're Reading: Top State Stories 10/20

OH: Federal court says Ohio voters improperly removed from rolls can vote

A U.S. district judge ruled that Ohio voters who were improperly removed from the rolls after not casting a ballot for several years will be allowed to vote in next month’s general election.

US: Government projects 1 million more on ‘Obamacare’ exchanges next year

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services estimates that 13.8 million people will sign up for health insurance on exchanges next year, despite higher premiums. This year, 12.7 million signed up.

KS: Federal appeals court rejects Kansas’ proof-of-citizenship claims

The 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals rejected Kansas’ argument that proof of citizenship is needed to prevent noncitizens from tipping an election. The court already had issued an order blocking Republican Secretary of State Kris Kobach from enforcing the requirement for people who registered to vote at DMV offices, saying they could vote for federal and state candidates next month.

DC: District of Columbia to take up right-to-die bill

The District of Columbia Council will consider legislation next month that would allow doctors in Washington to prescribe fatal medication to terminally ill patients.

SC: Want to write in Mickey Mouse for president? In South Carolina, you can’t

Any South Carolina voters who may be considering casting a write-in vote for president this year may want to think again. State law doesn’t allow it.

KY: Oral health of Kentucky schoolchildren declines; Many have untreated tooth decay

The oral health of Kentucky’s schoolchildren is worsening, a new report presented to the Legislature finds. In Eastern Kentucky, 53 percent of third- and sixth-graders surveyed by a dentist had at least one untreated cavity, meaning about 15,100 children are in immediate need of a filling.

VA: Virginia governor seeks voter registration extension after website crash

Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe has asked a U.S. district judge to extend voter registration deadline because Virginia's voter registration website crashed on the last day of registration.

NY: Airbnb proposes cracking down on New York hosts

Airbnb said it was willing to crack down on individuals in New York City who rent out multiple homes, bowing to pressure from politicians and tenants’ rights groups who say the company has worsened affordable housing issues in the city.

MO: Missouri voters to decide whether to rein in unlimited political cash

With no donation limits, Missouri’s race for governor is the most expensive in the nation. But the state's voters will decide in November whether to put a $2,600 limit on donations to candidates for state office. It's not the only campaign finance measure this year: Voters in South Dakota and Washington State will decide whether to create systems to publicly finance state elections.

TX: Central American gang's tentacles reach deep into Texas

Only about 800 of the estimated 20,000 gang members in the Houston area belong to the MS-13, but police consider them a top-level threat to public safety in Texas. The gang’s presence is believed to be growing as Central Americans continue to flood the Texas-Mexico border and make their way to some of the state’s largest metropolitan areas.

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