What We’re Reading: Top State Stories 10/6

US: U.S. road deaths jump 10.4 percent in first half of year

Traffic deaths jumped to a “crisis level” of 17,775 in the first six months of the year and likely will go higher in the next six, the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said. The fatality rate for the first half of the year was the highest since 2009, as the number of miles driven increased.

NV: Nevada governor calls special session to consider NFL stadium plan

Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval summoned Nevada lawmakers to the Capitol next week to consider financing part of the $1.9 billion needed to build a 65,000-seat domed stadium that would house the Oakland Raiders.

WV: As revenue keeps falling, West Virginia faces a potential deficit

With state tax collection coming up $81.2 million short over the past three months, West Virginia Revenue Secretary Bob Kiss warned that remedial action, such as spending cuts or tapping the state’s rainy day fund, would be needed to head off another budget deficit.

US: Federal government pushes for diversity in police forces

The U.S. Justice Department and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission issued guidance to local police departments on how they can recruit and retain officers from different backgrounds, just as President Obama issued an executive order instructing national security agencies to do the same.

OR, WA: Washington state could make visiting Oregonians pay sales tax

Washington state voters will decide whether to get rid of their state’s sales tax exemption for visitors from Oregon and other states that don’t have a sales tax. The revenue generated would finance publicly funded elections in Washington.

DC: District of Columbia City Council weighs physician-assisted suicide

Legislation authorizing doctors to prescribe a lethal dose of medication to terminally ill patients cleared its first major council hurdle, as the District of Columbia looks to join a small number of states that have legalized physician-assisted suicide in the past quarter-century.

MN: Federal judge strikes down challenge to Minnesota biofuel mandate

A U.S. district judge shot down an attempt by trucking, automotive and oil industry groups to abolish Minnesota’s requirement that diesel sold at the pump there contain at least 10 percent biofuel.

VA: 10 percent of Virginia schoolchildren are chronically absent

One in 10 Virginia children missed 18 or more days of school last year, the University of Virginia found in what’s the first statewide look at a problem that can derail a child's education.

KY: Kentucky governor urges politics at pulpit despite federal law

Republican Gov. Matt Bevin urged a group of Kentucky preachers to embrace political speech at the pulpit by telling them not to fear a federal law that prohibits candidate endorsements by tax-exempt churches.

NC: North Carolina employees get a bonus; Is the timing coincidental?

State workers’ October paychecks will include a one-time bonus approved by the North Carolina Legislature this summer — prompting critics to question if the boost was deliberately scheduled to coincide with the election.

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