What We’re Reading: Top State Stories 10/4

US: U.S. Supreme Court refuses to rehear immigration case

Justices refused to reconsider President Obama’s proposed overhaul of the nation’s immigration system, shutting the door on a plan to spare millions of unauthorized immigrants from deportation. Led by Texas, more than 20 states had sought to invalidate the plan.

KS: Kansas tax collections fall short of mark for fifth straight month

Kansas tax revenue came $44.7 million short of expectations in September. Even if revenue meets projections for the rest of the budget year, the state would still be about $62 million in the hole.

IN: Federal appeals court: Indiana governor can't block aid to Syrian refugees

The 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals sided with a federal judge who earlier this year blocked Republican Gov. Mike Pence’s order that would prevent Indiana immigration agencies from helping Syrian refugees resettle in the state.

OH: Ohio to resume executions in January

After a three-year moratorium, Ohio plans to carry out executions using a new, three-drug cocktail.

US: Shootings at colleges deadlier and more frequent, report finds

Shootings on college campuses over the last five years have more than doubled since a similar period a decade earlier. The incidents — 101 recorded shootings from 2011 to 2016 compared to 40 from 2001 to 2006 — also have grown more deadly.

MN: Minnesota's health care exchanges are in an 'emergency situation'

Minnesota Commerce Commissioner Mike Rothman, who oversees health care exchanges on which Minnesotans not receiving insurance through their employers or government programs can get insured, said premiums will rise as much as 67 percent for some insurers.

NM: New Mexico House votes to expand ‘three strikes’ law

House members pushed ahead with a tough-on-crime agenda, voting to expand the state’s “three strikes” law to send more violent repeat criminals to prison for life terms. New Mexico is one of 28 states that has a law requiring life sentences for certain criminals convicted of multiple violent offenses.

OK: Bridges at center of Oklahoma transportation plans

The Oklahoma Transportation Commission proposes spending nearly $6.4 billion on 1,616 projects between next year and 2024. That would include 824 highway bridge replacements or repairs, and $370 million to reduce urban highway congestion.

US: Judges who are elected like politicians tend to act like them

A number of studies have found that elections can affect judicial behavior and decisions.

NC: North Carolina leaders set goal of zero traffic deaths

Last year, 1,387 people died in traffic accidents in North Carolina. State transportation officials are launching a safety effort to cut that number can be cut in half within 15 years and eventually eliminate all traffic deaths.

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