What We're Reading: Top State Stories 3/7

TX: FanDuel agrees to stop paid fantasy sports betting in Texas

Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton reached an agreement with major online daily fantasy sports company FanDuel in which it will stop accepting paid entries for its games in Texas by May 2. But FanDuel’s chief rival, DraftKings, said it would fight Paxton’s effort to stop daily fantasy sports.

PA: Pennsylvania governor to raise minimum wage for government employees, contractors

Pennsylvania’s Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf is expected to issue an executive order raising the minimum wage for state employees and contractors from $7.25 to $10.15 an hour.

WV: Bill to give West Virginia welfare recipients drug tests races toward final passage

The bill would require drug tests for about 4,000 West Virginians to receive cash welfare benefits, although similar programs have flagged few drug users in other states.

AR: Arkansas governor’s budget hinges on Medicaid overhaul

Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson wants to overhaul the state's private-option program, which uses federal Medicaid dollars to purchase private health insurance for low-income Arkansans. He has proposed charging premiums of about $19 a month for adults who have incomes of at least the poverty level; and referring unemployed, able-bodied enrollees to job-training programs.

ME, RI: Some 2,770 Rhode Island trucks have Maine license plates

Maine promotes itself as “Vacationland” on its license plates, but for truckers nationwide the state is another kind of haven: the place to go for easy and inexpensive vehicle registrations. At least 2,770 trailers with a Rhode Island legal or mailing address are registered in Maine this year.

VA: Virginia legalizes hemp manufacturing

Starting this summer, Virginians will be able to manufacture industrial hemp products. Long banned because of its association with marijuana, hemp can be used to make goods such as paper and rope.

DE: In Delaware, tougher rules for digital search warrants

Delaware police searching for evidence in the digital world are going to have to be more specific in their warrants, following a decision from the state Supreme Court.

FL: Florida lawmakers strike deal on capital funding for schools

Under the agreement, Florida's 650 public charter schools and 3,600 traditional public schools would each get a pot of $75 million in state funds next year to spend on construction and maintenance. 

GA: Georgia Senate panel approves record budget, 10 percent raises for some

A key Senate panel approved a record $23.7 billion budget for the upcoming fiscal year that includes 3 percent raises for most Georgia teachers and state employees and 10 percent increases for some others.

NY: New York legislators plan to introduce measure on carried interest tax

A coalition of progressive groups is starting a state-level campaign in New York to close the so-called carried interest loophole, which allows fund managers to pay a substantially reduced federal tax rate on much of their income.

KS: Kansas bill would allow state Supreme Court justices to be impeached for usurping the Legislature

Kansas Supreme Court justices could be targeted for impeachment for usurping the Legislature and for discourteous behavior under a bill being considered by senators, many of whom have disagreed with recent court opinions. Currently, the state constitution cites high crimes and misdemeanors as grounds for removal. 

NM: New Mexico governor signs bills to combat drug abuse, overdoses

Bills to make overdose reversal drugs more widely available in New Mexico and to curb overprescription of opioid drugs were signed into law by Republican Gov. Susana Martinez.

ND: Reduced budgets for North Dakota agencies ordered for next biennium

State agencies are being asked to craft reduced budgets for the next biennium, according to the head of North Dakota’s budget office.

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