What We’re Reading: Top State Stories 2/10

US: U.S. Supreme Court temporarily halts Obama’s clean power plan

Justices blocked a key part of the president’s plan to combat global warming by regulating emissions from coal-fired power plants while its legality is challenged by more than two dozen states, corporations and industry groups that claim the administration is overstepping its powers.

MD: Maryland Senate overrides governor’s veto of felon voting-rights bill

Senators overrode Republican Gov. Larry Hogan’s veto of a bill that would allow felons to register to vote in Maryland after they are released from prison rather than make them wait until their parole and probation is finished.

MN: Health care ‘homes’ save Minnesota $1 billion

Health care “homes,” which manage patients' overall care and provide counseling and resources to chronically ill patients needing extra help, outperformed other primary care clinics in Minnesota and saved government programs more than $1 billion over five years.

US: Legislatures in several states consider special protections for the gun industry

The National Shooting Sports Foundation, the firearm industry's trade association, has launched efforts in several states seeking legislation to curtail discrimination against gun manufacturers and dealers by financial institutions and insurance companies. Legislation is pending in Alabama, Georgia, Kansas and Missouri.

UT: Tax on tampons debate arrives in Utah

The international debate over whether to tax tampons and other feminine hygiene products has made its way to Utah, where a bill is set to be heard by a committee made of only men. At least five states have dumped taxes on the products.

LA: Louisiana going after those who let auto insurance lapse

Louisiana’s recently formed Office of Debt Recovery has the authority to extract money from bank accounts, intercept tax refunds and recommend that a person's state-issued professional license be suspended.

FL: Florida lawmakers debate open enrollment in public schools

Both houses of the Legislature are considering bills that would allow Florida parents to place their children in any public school in the state that has capacity.

KY: Feds say Kentucky should return unused money for health exchange

Federal officials say the state could have to return more than $57 million in unused grant money because of Republican Gov. Matt Bevin's decision to dismantle Kynect, the state’s health exchange where Kentuckians can buy private insurance plans with the help of a federal subsidy.

CO: Colorado bill would allow death sentence without unanimous vote

Five months after two of Colorado's most notorious mass murderers received life sentences, lawmakers are considering legislation that would toss the requirement that death sentences be unanimous.

CT: Lawmakers renew push for direct sales of electric cars in Connecticut

Connecticut lawmakers are pushing a bill that would permit Tesla and other manufacturers of electric vehicles to sell directly to consumers. The measure passed the House last year but died in the Senate.

NM: New Mexico House committee OKs proposed bail changes

The House Judiciary Committee approved a proposed constitutional amendment that would allow judges to deny bail to dangerous defendants before trial. The Senate already has approved it.

Solar Power State and Local Health Spending Flat in First Year of Medicaid Expansion