State of the States 2016

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Stateline’s annual State of the States series looks at some of the pressing issues state lawmakers are facing as they begin their work this month. The five-part series includes analytical articles, infographics and interactives.

Part One: Higher Education

As tuition rises and state budgets remain tight, what can we expect lawmakers to do this year to make higher education more affordable?

Part Two: Medicaid Expansion

Louisiana recently became the 31st state, and the first in the Deep South, to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act. Will other states expand — or undo expansion?

Part Three: State Budgets

For the first time, tax receipts have bounced back from the Great Recession in the majority of states. Now, states with surpluses have tough choices to make over whether to spend the money, cut taxes, or save for a rainy day.

Part Four: Criminal Justice

Many states are taking a hard look at the way people are charged, how much time they serve, and what happens when they are released from prison.

Part Five: Affordable Housing

In response to soaring rental prices and low homeownership, states and cities are concentrating efforts on affordable housing legislation. Proposed reforms include time-tested methods like inclusionary zoning laws as well as new techniques like taxing the sharing economy to support housing programs.

Medicaid Expansion Higher Education
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