State of the States 2015

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Stateline’s annual State of the States series looks at some of the pressing issues state lawmakers will face as they begin their work this month. The five-part series includes analytical articles, infographics and interactives.

Part One: The Republican Wave

Republicans now control the legislatures in 30 states, the most since the 1920s. That could mean big changes on issues ranging from taxes to education to labor—or perhaps not. With an infographic on Republican dominance in the states.

Part Two: New Medicaid Recipients

A year after more than 12 million low-income adults became eligible for Medicaid for the first time, states are preparing for an onslaught of able-bodied, 18- to 64-year olds who haven’t seen a doctor in years. With infographics on Medicaid expansion, Medicaid recipients with drug and alcohol addictions, and the growth in Medicaid enrollment since 2008.

Part Three: Tax Cut Pledges

Many Republican governors stormed into office pledging to cut taxes. But in states with looming budget deficits, those promises are bumping up against budget realities. With map showing governors by party.

Part Four: Cities vs. States

Some cities are defying state legislatures and governors by enacting their own policies on the minimum wage, fracking, sick leave and a host of other issues. With infographic showing states that have barred local governments from passing their own minimum wage laws.

Part Five: Changing Demographics

Nearly 80 percent of seniors in the U.S. are white--and nearly half of the country’s youth are black, Latino, Asian, Middle Eastern or multiracial. With an interactive showing a broad array of demographic changes in the country.

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State of the States 2015

Stateline 2015 Calendar:

Legislative Sessions and Party Control
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State of the States 2015

Stateline 2015 Calendar:

Legislative Sessions and Party Control