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OR: Backers of modified foods labeling measure in Oregon file lawsuit

Backers of Oregon's ballot measure to require labeling of genetically altered foods, which failed by a margin of 812 votes, have filed a lawsuit claiming that the failure to count about 4,600 ballots disenfranchised voters. They accuse the state of rejecting valid ballots that show no evidence of fraud.

DC: Congressional spending deal blocks pot legalization in D.C.

The spending deal reached between top Senate Democrats and House Republicans to fund the federal government through next September blocked the voter-approved ballot measure that would have allowed the District of Columbia to legalize marijuana.

US: Test-tube births underreported by states, study finds

The number of test-tube babies born each year in the U.S. is underreported by states, a new federal study found, complicating efforts by researchers to understand the risks associated with pregnancies resulting from in vitro fertilizations.

TX: Abbott plans to add $4 billion to Texas road funding

Through a mix of existing gas, sales and energy taxes, Republican Gov.-elect Greg Abbott wants to channel more money into building and maintaining Texas roads, trimming back the state Department of Transportation's $5 billion annual revenue shortfall. 

WI: Wisconsin voucher programs march toward 30,000 students

Nearly 30,000 Wisconsin students are receiving private-school tuition vouchers, making it one of the leading states in students attending private schools with taxpayer subsidies.

OH: Ohio Senate approves rules loosening concealed-weapons permits

The legislation would reduce training requirements, expand recognition of out-of-state licenses and allow the use of noise suppressors on firearms while hunting birds. The bill now heads back to the Ohio House for a final vote.

UT: Utah will have another $638 million to spend thanks to spike in growth

Utah's economy is booming again, growing at a clip that will provide legislators and Republican Gov. Gary Herbert more additional money to spend than they have had since 2007, before the economy collapsed.

MS: Governor creates human trafficking task force

Republican Gov. Phil Bryant is creating a task force on human trafficking that will work to strengthen Mississippi’s laws.

SD: Shopping online could make you a criminal

South Dakota tax officials are encouraging residents to pay the state sales tax required for online purchases, although few do.

LA: Louisiana gets break from 'No Child Left Behind' rules

The U.S. Department of Education said Louisiana, which received a waiver from the No Child Left Behind education law in 2012, has implemented reforms that go above and beyond the law's requirements.

SC: South Carolina Transportation Commission approves roads plan

The plan projects South Carolina will need to spend another $60 billion during the next quarter century on roads, money the state does not have.

KS: Kansas casinos provide $673 million economic benefit

The three state-owned casinos in Kansas contributed $673 million to the state's economy and supported about 4,000 jobs in 2013, according to a new study.

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