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GA: Georgia caps tax rate it hasn’t raised in 30 years

This month, Georgia became the first state to make raising its income tax rate unconstitutional, a move that could hamstring its ability to raise revenue in tough economic times.

KS: Kansas' renewable energy standard could be in jeopardy

Republicans may have gained enough seats in the Kansas House to end the state’s renewable energy standard, and activists on both sides of the issue are preparing for a fight in the next legislative session.

NJ: Democrats to try again to expand early voting in New Jersey

Armed with an academic report that showed widespread confusion and illegalities in emergency voting measures in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, state Senate Democrats are trying again to expand early voting in New Jersey.

WI: Several Wisconsin fracking sand companies reported to have violations, ethical breaches

More than four in 10 fracking sand companies operating in Wisconsin have seriously violated the state's natural resources regulations, according to a report by a nonprofit group.

OH: Will disease stop Ohio's interstate deer trade?

The state’s first case of chronic wasting disease was found in October on a deer farm, raising questions about whether deer should be shipped like livestock across state lines for hunting. The practice can lead to the spread of disease.

WV: West Virginia to assess greyhound racing subsidies

The West Virginia Lottery Commission will underwrite a study of the costs and benefits of subsidizing greyhound racing in the state.

LA: Enterprise Zones drain millions from Louisiana's budget, fail to aid poor areas

The tax incentives Louisiana gives to boost a historically sluggish economy aren’t always well-spent, and the giveaways are growing at a much faster rate than the economy, leading to deep cuts in other state services, a newspaper investigation found.

TX: New kind of space race emerges in Texas

As states compete to become the center of private space flight, SpaceX could change the game in Texas. Helped by hefty public incentives, the company is building a new facility near Brownsville.

MD: Hogan won with public money, but replenishing the fund is uncertain

Republican Gov.-elect Larry Hogan this month became the first candidate in Maryland history to win a gubernatorial election while participating in the state’s public financing system. Will he be the last?

KY: No clear way ahead to fight Kentucky's heroin addiction problem

State lawmakers are drawing closer to the 2015 General Assembly session without a clear path to fight heroin abuse, even as the drug continues to claim hundreds of lives across Kentucky.

MT: Same-sex couples face continued obstacles in Montana

Same-sex couples can legally marry in Montana, following a historic U.S. District Court ruling this month, but obstacles remain to full equality for their families.

MS: State agencies spent $1.3 million on meals

State agencies in Mississippi spent more than $1.3 million on food for business meetings, a watchdog group's analysis has found.

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