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TX: Advocates, judges urge lawmakers to revive ‘Texas solution’ to expanding health insurance

State lawmakers renewed efforts to find a “Texas solution” to expand health-insurance coverage for low-income residents without accepting the Medicaid expansion in President Barack Obama’s signature health care law.

CT:  Unlimited teenage boating questioned after fatal accident

Anyone 12 years or older can operate any type of boat in Connecticut without adult supervision after passing an eight-hour boating safety course and a multiple-choice exam. The situation is being questioned after a fatal accident involving four teenage girls who were boating and tubing.

FL: Jeb Bush: ‘I strongly urge’ Floridians to vote against medical marijuana

Former Republican Gov. Jeb Bush added his voice to the medical marijuana debate in Florida, saying the ballot initiative could harm Florida’s reputation.

DE: Officials create gun investigation unit

Delaware officials are launching a statewide unit targeting the illegal sale of guns, providing $265,000 for the effort less than 12 hours after four people were shot in three incidents in New Castle County.

MS: Mississippi seeks new ruling on abortion law

Mississippi officials want a federal appeals court to allow the state to enforce a law requiring abortion clinic doctors to get hospital admitting privileges.

UT: CDC gives Utah $1 million to fight painkiller deaths

Utah, which has one of the nation’s highest rates of drug overdose deaths, will get more than $1 million over the next three years to help prevent such deaths from prescription painkillers.

NM: Report: 1 in 18 New Mexico jobs in arts, culture

The arts and culture provide more jobs for New Mexicans than either construction or manufacturing, according to a study by the University of New Mexico.

TN: Record growth for tax collections, but still less than budgeted

Tennessee revenue collections recorded positive growth in July, but still came in less than the state budgeted.

WI: EPA to impose pollution rules if Wisconsin doesn't make changes in two years

The EPA says Wisconsin needs to submit adequate plans to limit smokestack emissions in two years or it will do it for the state.

WA: Will marijuana tourists flock to Washington?

Seattle’s annual Hempfest is expected to attract a 250,000 people, but officials say legal weed in Washington has yet to lure sightseers across state borders.

OH: Ohio targets toxic algal pollution after Toledo water crisis

The state is offering $150 million in zero-interest loans for improvements to public water systems and waste water treatment systems to address phosphorus pollution in the Lake Erie watershed.

VA: McAuliffe announces $2.4 billion projected Virginia budget shortfall

Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe said the $2.4 billion revenue shortfall over a three-year period largely is the result of Pentagon spending cuts.

LA: Louisiana's budget shortfall for next year is now pegged at $1.2 billion

Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal and lawmakers used $991 million in patchwork financing to balance this year's $24.6 billion budget that won't be available the following year for spending, according to the nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Office.

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