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Editor's Picks From Around the Web

US: Affordable housing draws middle class to inland cities 

The country’s fastest-growing cities are now those where housing is more affordable than average, a decisive reversal from the early years of the millennium, when easy credit allowed cities to grow without regard to housing cost. 

MD: Maryland schools moving away from suspensions for disrespect

Maryland is urging its 1,450 public schools to move away from suspending students for disrespect and insubordination as part of new code of conduct guidelines. 

NE: Nebraska lawmakers may seek direct oversight of prison system

The possibility of creating an independent watchdog position or having the corrections department answer to the legislature comes after prison officials knowingly miscalculated 600 prison sentences.

TN: New Tennessee drug screening law knocks 4 off benefits list

A controversial month-old law requiring drug tests for applicants for public benefits has already resulted in the state Department of Human Services disqualifying people seeking aid.

FL: Florida to begin redrawing unconstitutional congressional maps

Florida legislative leaders are calling a special session to redraw the state's congressional maps by Aug. 15. A court ruled Republican leaders improperly drew the boundaries of two of the state’s 27 districts to protect the party's majority in the U.S. House.

CA: State considers first-in-the-nation firearms restraint bill

California could become the first state to allow family members, licensed therapists and health care providers to petition a judge to take firearms from someone who has shown signs they could harm others or themselves.

CT: State unemployment insurance tax stokes complaints

Connecticut employers are up in arms about a special assessment for unemployment benefits. 

WI: Audit questions state pension fund bonuses

Wisconsin auditors flagged the more than $13 million in bonuses that state pension fund managers received. 

SD: Rural hospitals dealing with recruiting challenges

Rural South Dakota hospitals and medical clinics are having a tough time recruiting doctors. 

CO: Undocumented immigrants begin receiving Colorado driver’s licenses

So far, about 10,000 people have made appointments to receive driver’s licenses. 

HI: Ige surges ahead of Abercrombie

A new poll shows Gov. Neil Abercrombie is in grave risk of losing to state Sen. David Ige in the Democratic primary.

MN: Legislative hopeful is trying to make the jump from Somalia to the statehouse

With the backing of the growing Somali-American population in Minneapolis, Mohamud Noor is challenging the longtime incumbent Democratic state representative in a hotly contested primary.

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