Editor's Picks from Around the Web

Editor's Picks from Around the Web

NY: New York towns can prohibit fracking, state’s top court rules

In a decision with far-reaching implications for the future of natural gas drilling in New York State, its highest court ruled on Monday that towns can use zoning ordinances to ban hydraulic fracturing, the controversial extraction method known as fracking.


PA: Corbett won't sign Pa. no-tax budget yet

Republican Gov. Tom Corbett refused late Monday to sign a $29.1 billion budget that the Republican-controlled legislature scrambled to deliver to him just 90 minutes before the midnight deadline.


TX: Shortage of immigration judges complicates border crisis

Many of the thousands of unaccompanied minors who have recently crossed the Texas-Mexico border will be subject to deportation. But because of judicial backlogs and a shortage of judges, it could take years before their cases go to court.


NJ: Christie signs budget; vetoes tax hikes proposed by Democrats

Republican Gov. Chris Christie signed a $32.5 billion budget into law Monday evening, using his line-item veto to slash more than $1 billion in spending from the appropriations bill that lawmakers had approved knowing he would cut that funding and reject their tax increases.


WI: Medical malpractice lawsuits plummet in Wisconsin

State laws and court rulings have made it harder to file medical malpractice claims and limited the amount that can be collected.


SD: Got a spare $400,000? Buy your own town: Swett, South Dakota

A businessman who purchased a tiny unincorporated town 16 years ago has put it on the market, including a bar and three trailers.


MO: Gov. Nixon to sign Kansas City Border War truce legislation

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon is scheduled to sign legislation Tuesday in Kansas City that would end a long-running border war with Kansas over economic development.


OH: Ohio Gov. Kasich a nationwide leader in death-row clemencies

Since he was sworn into office in 2011, Republican Gov. John Kasich has granted five of the nine death-row clemencies issued nationwide in death-penalty states.


CA: Minimum wage rises to $9 on Tuesday

California’s low-end workers will all see bumps in their next paychecks as the first increase in the state’s minimum wage in six years takes effect.


WA: In aftermath of liquor privatization, spirits everywhere, not cheap

Spirits are more widely available but also more costly after the state pulled out of its monopoly business and imposed fees instead.


MT: Teacher shortages at Indian schools are a chronic problem

Teachers are in demand in Montana, especially on American Indian reservations and in rural areas on the outskirts of reservations.


NH: Board rules Havenstein a NH resident

Republican gubernatorial candidate Walt Havenstein never gave up his New Hampshire residence, the Ballot Law Commission determined. Democrats argued Maryland was Havenstein's primary residence until 2012 because he accepted property tax credits reserved for residents of that state.

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