Stateline Special Feature: Wage Issues in the States

Wage Issues in the States

Stateline Special Feature: Wage Issues in the States

President Barack Obama is pressing Congress to increase the federal minimum wage. These Stateline stories help explain recent wage developments in the states, ranging from salary increases to hourly rates for workers who rely on tips to paid family leave.

Stateline writers Pamela M. Prah and Jake Grovum produced these stories.

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Minimum Wage at the Forefront, With Eye on Elections

Measures to raise the state minimum wage could appear on eight state ballots this fall, including states where Republicans dominate. Peruse Stateline's wage chart. More

Tipped Workers Get a Raise

The recent surge in minimum wage action at the state level also has directed more attention to workers who rely on tips, such as waiters and hairdressers. More

Paid Family Leave Hits a Snag in States

Twelve years after California became the first state to enact a paid family leave law, supporters are rethinking state-by-state efforts. More

States Confront “New Mindset” on Home Care Workers’ Wages

Twenty-nine states will have to revamp their wage laws to ensure minimum wage and overtime apply to workers who take care of the elderly and the disabled in their homes. More

Size of Gender Pay Gap Varies By State, Job

Some states are trying to address wage gaps between men and women workers. Explore Stateline's 50-state infographic and job chart. More

Feds to Consider Paying for ENd-of-Life Planning Home Buyers Paying Cash Reaches New High