Infographic: Annual State Lottery Sales

Infographic: Annual State Lottery Sales

New York led all states in lottery sales in fiscal year 2011 with sales of $6.76 billion, a slight decrease from its fiscal year 2010 sales of $6.78 billion, according to data compiled by Gambling Compliance. Massachusetts came in at number two with $4.42 billion in sales, the same amount it pulled in the previous year. The North Dakota Lottery, which was established in 2004, remained at the bottom of the list with $200 million in lottery ticket sales.

“Lottery sales have held up fairly robustly in recent years,” says James Kilsby, Americas Editor for Gambling Compliance. “But one of the things you see is states' needs for revenue is probably greater. At the same time, lottery gross in certain states has been leveling off a bit.”

Massachusetts residents spent more per capita on lottery tickets than residents of any other state, spending $674.90. Washington, D.C. was second in per capita spending, at $385 per person. North Dakotans spent only $34.20 per capita on lottery tickets in fiscal year 2011, less than the residents of any other state.

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