Four States Avoid Paying Dues to Governors' Group

Four States Avoid Paying Dues to Governors' Group
The National Governors Association is a little less than national these days, according to a report from Kaiser Health News .

In a short blog post , the health care-focused news service notes that four states - Florida, Idaho, Ohio and Texas - have not paid their annual dues to the 103-year-old organization, which lobbies on behalf of the nation's governors. States that do not pay their dues do not receive policy assistance from the group, including help with implementing the Obama administration's national health care overhaul.

At least on health care, that may not be of much concern to the delinquent states. As Kaiser reports, all four are led by Republican governors who oppose President Obama's health care plan and, indeed, are suing to stop it.

None of the four governors - Rick Scott of Florida, Butch Otter of Idaho, John Kasich of Ohio or Rick Perry of Texas - is listed among the NGA's bipartisan leadership or as a member of any of the group's policy committees, which try to find consensus on subjects ranging from homeland security to K-12 education.

But that's not to say they all avoid national organizations: Until he launched his presidential campaign during the summer, Perry was chairman of the Republican Governors Association , which raises money for GOP candidates.
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