Latest News From State Delegations

If vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin looked at the Florida delegation Wednesday night, she would've seen nothing but women. The male members of the delegation decided to give up their seats to the female delegates, alternates, staffers and guests, reports Bob Dart of The Palm Beach Press. One delegate wore a rhinestone "McCain 2008" pin with "54 Percent" under it. That stands for "the 54 percent of women who are going to elect the next president," she said.

Even though Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) isn't at the convention, he's managed to steal part of the spotlight. Republicans there have been praising his handling of Hurricane Gustav, reports Jonathan Tilove of The Times-Picayune (New Orleans) . "God made Bobby Jindal to handle hurricanes," one Louisiana delegate said. Tilove speculates Jindal could be the GOP's Barack Obama: a young, breakout star for whom presidential prospects are possible in 2016 - or even 2012, if McCain loses.

What is it, exactly, that delegates want to hear from McCain? A lot, it seems. California's delegates want to hear a " clear, consistent message " about his plan for the nation. Ohio and South Dakota 's delegations are hoping McCain can distinguish himself from Bush and talk up the change he can bring. And South Carolinians want some" specifics on budget, security ".

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