Delegates Speak: Washington on Small Business taxes

Delegates Speak: Washington on Small Business taxes
Washington state delegates
Robert Schiffner and Heidi Shaw

Sept. 4, 2008, 3:45 p.m. EDT

Q. What serious issue in your state would you like the next president to address?

Our governor has driven small business out of our state. We need Dino Rossi. He's running for governor, and he won last time. (Gov. Christine Gregoire, a Democrat, won after a recount.) We're trying to re-elect Dino Rossi as our governor, because he supports small business, and I think John McCain and Sarah Palin understand how to stimulate the economy and how to take the taxes off the small business people to help our economy grow. That's the heart and soul of our nation.

-Washington state delegate, Heidi Shaw, of Kelso, former history teacher and stay-at-home mother, interviewed by Daniel C. Vock,

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