Delegates Speak: Missouri on Energy Independence

Delegates Speak: Missouri on Energy Independence
Missouri delegate Rich Magee

Sept. 4, 2008, 5:00 p.m. EDT

Q. What serious issue in your state would you like the next president to address?

Energy and the economy are huge issues in the state of Missouri and in St. Louis County , which is the part of the state of Missouri I'm from. We've got to get a handle on our energy and, in particular, our dependence on foreign oil. We've got to turn that around big time. McCain represents the prospect of real energy reform. So that's one big issue we're trying to get across to our residents of the state of Missouri , that the Republicans have real answers.

It's the prices. It's just killing people. And it's because we're too dependant on foreign oil. It's also a strategic issue for our country. We're sending billions of dollars overseas to countries that hate us, that finance terrorist activities. We've just got to put a stop to that and develop our own natural resources. That's another reason why Sarah Palin is such an exciting candidate. Her experience with energy and what she brings to the table with that - the other side has nobody who's comparable.

- Missouri delegate Rich Magee,54, mayor of Glendale and chairman of the St. Louis County Republican Party, interviewed by Daniel C. Vock,

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