Republicans Deal With More Stormy Weather

Republicans Deal With More Stormy Weather

The weather isn't being kind to the Republicans. The threat from Hurricane Gustav, which hit the Gulf Coast and canceled partisan festivities at the start of the Minnesota convention, is dissipating just as another potential hurricane threatens to send East Coast delegates fleeing before the close of the convention.

South Carolina's delegates are warily eying Hanna, a tropical storm that could grow into a hurricane before it makes landfall as soon as Friday. Word is Gov. Mark Sanford will leave the GOP convention to return to Columbia if South Carolina is threatened, and South Carolina delegates also are considering skipping Thursday, missing the convention's finale and U.S. Sen. John McCain's acceptance speech. One person who's especially anxious: South Carolina House Speaker Bobby Harrell, a State Farm insurance agent.

Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue also could go home early if his state is threatened by Hanna. Florida, already pounded by two storms in the past three weeks, also could be in Hanna's path.

Contrary to the brilliant blue skies and sun the Democrats enjoyed in Denver, it also rained briefly today in the Twin Cities just before delegates were preparing to go to the Xcel Energy Center to get the convention started.

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