Delegates Speak: Hawaii on Military Spending

Delegates Speak: Hawaii on Military Spending
Hawaii delegate Gene Ward

Sept. 2, 2008, 3:45 p.m. EDT

Q. What serious issue in your state would you like the next president to address?

Hawaii is dependent on two major industries, and one of them is tourism. But the other one is - and this is right down the line of McCain vs. Obama - is military spending. Pearl Harbor , Army, Navy, Air Force, we have it all. And we have the missile range that is doing the interceptors for a potential North Korean missile. Obama's on record as wanting to cut that back. We feel that would endanger the country. And people in Hawaii are going to be very concerned, because it's jobs. And it's part of that whole military industry that - other than tourism - keeps our jobs, and good-paying jobs in Hawaii . So that's a cutting-edge issue that will be coming up after the convention.

- Hawaii delegate state Rep. Gene Ward, state co-chair of the McCain campaign, interviewed by Daniel C. Vock,

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