Advice from Schweitzer: Get a Border Collie

Advice from Schweitzer: Get a Border Collie

Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer, a Democrat in a traditionally "red" state, says there's no single tactic for convincing Republican voters to cast their ballots for Democrats, but having a dog doesn't hurt.

"There's no magic formula. My formula is a dog; a border collie. He's the smartest politician in Montana. He's good-looking. He has one blue eye. He's got one brown eye," Schweitzer said during an Aug. 25 roundtable with the media hosted by the Democratic Governors Association.

"His approval rate is 10 points higher than mine," Schweitzer quipped. "So maybe if Barack is listening, get him a border collie."

Schweitzer's famous sidekick, Jag, even has his own book.  

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