Democrats' Draft Platform Promises States Relief

Democrats' Draft Platform Promises States Relief

Tucked in its hefty 94-page draft platform report, an Obama administration expresses some strong sentiment for improving "partnerships with states" - going as far as promising "significant and immediate temporary funding" to help with the billions of dollars in budget shortfalls facing more than half the states.

State-federal relations have been strained in recent years by pricey programs coming down from Washington, D.C., but not more money, such as Real ID and No Child Left Behind. The draft platform acknowledges that states "have had to innovate and take matters into their own hands - and they have done an extraordinary job. Yet they should not have to do it alone."

It goes on to offer state and local governments, as well as territories and tribes, "a partner in the federal government, and a president who understand that prosperity comes not only from Wall Street and Washington, but from the perseverance of the American people," the draft says. Democrats will formally endorse a platform during their convention.


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