Vermont Governor Proposes Statewide School Choice

Vermont Governor Proposes Statewide School Choice

Any Vermont child would be able to attend any of the state's public schools, under a proposal Gov. James Douglas (R) made Tuesday in his second state-of-the-state address.

Despite the state's efforts to create a level playing field for all of the state's students, "true equality of educational opportunity continues to escape too many of our children,"

Douglas said during his 40-minute address. "The time has come to find an alternative that gives every child, regardless of residence or economic background, a truly equal opportunity for a first class public education that meets his or her needs. School choice should not be a privilege reserved only for the wealthy. It should be the right of all Vermonters."

Douglas, who is running for re-election this year, also proposed lowering corporate and personal income taxes and strengthening the state's environmental regulations. 

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