Health Of Nation Measured In Report Card

Health Of Nation Measured In Report Card

A national report card on health places New Hampshire at the top of the list of states that have healthy residents with decent access to healthcare. Mississippi ranked 50th in the study sponsored by the United Health Group of Minneapolis.

Minnesota, Utah and Massachusetts also ranked high among states for all round good health and longevity. Louisiana, South Carolina and West Virginia joined Mississippi at the bottom of the list.

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This is the 11th year that United Health Group, a life and health insurance company has commissioned Arundle Street Consulting, a business and marketing consulting company, to research and write the report. The Center for Health Care Policy and Evaluation, a foundation-funded, non-partisan Minnesota think tank, coordinated distribution.

Since the first state health report card was issued in 1989, most of the states' scores improved. Oregon, Alaska, New Hampshire and Washington have shown the most progress overall. In the last year, Arkansas, Hawaii, Delaware, Montana, South Dakota and Utah showed the greatest improvement.

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