Public Safety Performance Project


Meet the Team

Julie Wertheimer

Project Director

Julie Wertheimer leads Pew’s public safety performance project, which advances data-driven, fiscally sound policies and practices in the adult and juvenile justice systems that protect public safety, ensure accountability, and control corrections costs.

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Jake Horowitz


Jake Horowitz directs Pew’s safety and justice research, strategy and issue development team, which identifies, analyzes, and points the way toward solutions on pressing issues in our civil and criminal justice systems. In this role, he supports all of Pew’s safety and justice work through research, a range of policy change strategies and tactics, and the vetting of new lines of work.

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Ruth Rosenthal

Senior Manager

Ruth Rosenthal leads the juvenile justice policy work for Pew’s public safety performance project. In this role, she and her team collaborate with states to advance data-driven, research-based, and fiscally sound policies in the juvenile justice system. Before joining Pew, Rosenthal worked as a trial attorney for the Office of the Colorado State Public Defender, where she represented individuals facing both criminal and juvenile charges who could not afford to retain counsel. Rosenthal earned a bachelor’s degree from Washington University in St. Louis and a Juris Doctor from the University of Texas at Austin School of Law.

Tracy Velázquez

Senior Manager

Tracy Velázquez leads research activities for Pew’s public safety performance project. Her team produces and publishes analyses of jail, community supervision, and juvenile justice systems, and provides ongoing research assistance to help achieve all of the project’s goals.

Before joining Pew, Velázquez served in research and policy positions for several national and state criminal justice reform and health policy organizations and as a consultant to local, state, and federal governments.

She holds a bachelor’s degree with honors in social studies from Harvard University, a master’s degree in justice, law, and criminology from American University, and a master of public administration from Montana State University.

Connie Utada

Senior Manager

Connie Utada is a manager with Pew’s public safety performance project, leading the technical assistance and research initiatives for jurisdictions throughout the country with the goal of improving outcomes for people on probation and parole. Utada has led Pew’s efforts to address challenges facing statewide criminal justice systems through policy reform. Before joining Pew, she developed state policy initiatives for marginalized communities, lobbied on immigration, and served as a defense attorney in Boston. Utada received a bachelor’s degree in American studies from Smith College and a Juris Doctor from Northeastern University School of Law.