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New England Ocean Conservation

New England’s recently initiated sector fishing plan will help prevent overfishing and rebuild fish populations while giving fishermen the flexibility to reap market benefits. It deserves time to work. In order to help sectors succeed, our campaign is working to make sure that the National Marine Fisheries Service does the following:

  • Creates more robust monitoring programs, so managers can track how many fish are landed and discarded. With improved data, scientists can better advise fisheries managers on setting future catch limits. Adding observers creates jobs, too.
  • Increase monitoring on vessels that did not join sectors, referred to as the common pool. If the common pool exceeds its limit—as in the past—fish populations won’t rebuild, there will be fewer fish for the sectors and the new program could fail.

Reduce the time between when new scientific data is acquired and when it is incorporated in setting catch limits. Fishery managers need to base decisions on the most current numbers, in order to reduce bycatch, end overfishing and rebuild depleted stocks.